Since we began three years ago, sustainability has been integral to everything we do.

It's time for change

The planet has limited resources. It is our job to play our part in looking after it.

We’re working to build a business that is sustainable in the long term. We want to be part of people’s lives for a long, long time. We want you, our customers, to keep on coming back to us. We want you to love our pieces. And we want to ensure that everything and everyone in our supply chain, from the soil and sheep to our suppliers are happy too.

We're a small brand, and as we grow, we want to help the world grow back. To heal the damage and create things in a regenerative way to make the world better.

The Yarns

100% natural, traceable and increasingly regenerative.

100% of our wool is mulesing free, with 82% now certified certified by the Responsible Wool Standard and spun in Scotland.

This wool sourced directly from our spinners in Scotland and Italy - where the wool originates in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia from certified farms.

Each year, we increase the amount of knitwear we make from wool sourced exclusively from British farms. We use two types of British wool, a 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool and another which is a blend of Bluefaced Leicester and Masham sheep, sourced predominately from farms in the north-west of England.


Not all wool is equal

When it comes to wool, there are so many different terms used by brands - 'British-spun,' 'locally-sourced,' 'certified,' 'organic' - but all of these can mean different things and that can be confusing, especially when the price point of the end product can vary greatly.

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The Makers

While we might only be three years old, we're committed to working with experts with a lifetime's experience to create the best jumpers.

80% of our pieces are now made within the British Isles and a small amount of our knitwear is made in Portugal, including our organic cotton SWEATSHIRT.

Our principle wool spinners are in Scotland and Yorkshire, with a small amount of wool-spinning in Italy.

We work with those British and European suppliers that are committed to continuous improvement in manufacturing. Our Scottish mill, Todd & Duncan, for instance have a pioneering cyclical process so that the water used for washing and dyeing the wool can be cleaned and purified so that it can be returned to Loch Leven. 

Our Scottish weaver, Prickly Thistle, is a B CORP and made our blankets on century old looms powered by green energy.

Our 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool has been crafted by Upland Yarns, is spun in Yorkshire using just water and organic detergents, and enables us to create beautiful British knitwear from sheep to sweater within 300 miles.

Timeless, lasting design

A jumper that isn’t about this season’s latest trend. But that is always stylish.

A jumper that’s about those classic colours we turn to every year. Navy of course, like the original, where our story began. Flattering and timeless, easy shades to live in year after year.

Our bestseller remains the RELAXED, the first jumper we launched with three years ago. Good design doesn't date. Great design lasts.

The small print

100% of our care labels are made from organic cotton

100% of our tags are printed on recycled card or cotton

100% of our shipping boxes are made from recycled post-consumer waste here in the UK

100% of our stickers are printed on recycled materials

All our jumpers are stored and shipped in organic cotton bags

All orders are shipped from our solar-powered hub in Devon

Always learning

Whether it's working with expert knitters to tweak the knitting techniques to help increase longevity (not all knitters are equal) and decrease pilling, listening to customer feedback on how to make a jumper even more versitile, being a truly sustainable business is a journey.

From better dyeing techniques, to sourcing and even developing new yarns, to using packaging with less impact and reducing our carbon footprint, we never setttle. We're currently waiting to receive our B CORP certification.

No one is perfect, but we'll give all we can to be the best at what we do. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with what we're up to.

charitable donations

Giving back

Last year we donated 2% of total our revenue to charity. This included donations to the Family Holiday Charity and over £10,000 to the British Red Cross - raised within 10 minutes of hosting an online sample sale, with 100% of every purchase going to the charity to help those devasted by war in Ukraine.


A small team of great women

Our story began with one tiny garden studio made from sustainable cedar wood with a green living roof - take a tour of our studio here

While we do sometimes work from there, we have a slightly bigger team, still led by Founder Rachel. A formindable team of entrepreneurial women, working flexibly, across different parts of the UK, juggling children, health, parents - life - and making it work.

Thank you Jen, Bex, Sarah L, Sarah M, Roxanne, Saskia, Jo, Fran, Perri, Dani, Rachael, Muna and Moira*.

*That's mum - whose 25 year old jumper is the reason we're here.

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