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We're thrilled to announce that in 2023 we proudly certified as a B Corp™.

At Navygrey, we are about making great jumpers. But as a business, from the start, we have always wanted to be more than just a product. We want to create real change.
Becoming a B Corp formalises what has been there since the beginning of Navygrey. A commitment to use business as a force for good; to benefit people, communities and the planet.


Great British jumpers

The very idea of Navygrey came from my mum's 25 year old jumper. A beautiful piece of knitwear, made from the purest of wool in the British Isles. The legacy of that jumper is woven into our DNA. Traceability and transparency, from sheep to sweater. Elegant and useful jumpers made from nature, that feel inevitable somehow. This is about creating jumpers to bring real joy, that have a real purpose from fibre to finished piece.

This is a journey

Gaining the recognition of B Corp is a wonderful step on this Navygrey journey, but the hard work doesn't stop now. In fact, this is just the beginning.
There's so much more we want to do to create even better jumpers - natural, traceable, increasingly regenerative. 
Our goal is to support members of the farming and knitwear-making community, to work with more home-grown wool here in the British Isles and to play our role in supporting more regenerative methods of working.
We want to make beautiful knits from fibre to finished piece for you and, in so doing, create a legacy of which we're proud. 

'For love to return to the world, beauty must first return, else we love the world only as a moral duty, Clean it up, preserve its nature, exploit it less. If love depends on beauty, then beauty comes first.'

James Hillman, The Practice of Beauty

The leading accreditation for ethical and sustainable business

What are B Corps™?

To become a Certified B Corp™ a business undergoes a rigorous assessment that ensures they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

The assessment is independently verified by B Lab, whose social and environmental business standards are based on stakeholder input, research and established best practices.

Businesses must recertify every three years and the assessment is continually updated to reflect our changing world.


By certifying as a B Corp™ we join a global movement of organisations that are holding themselves accountable to the highest third-party verified sustainability standards. However, this does not mean that these businesses, including ourselves, are perfect. For us, B Corp™ is part of the journey we're on to create a business that does good.

It doesn't stop here

We're always learning

As a business we want to keep improving – we're always looking for ways to make better jumpers, for you and for the planet.

Due to the bespoke and local nature of some of our British-sourced wool projects, B Corp could not formally certify this work.

We are however committed to continuing to grow our work with UK grown wool and developing our hyper-local supply chains, because we believe this can create a wonderful sustainable legacy. We're already building on this for 2023 and we can't wait to share the results with you.


Making better things

Prickly Thistle Scotland is a fellow B-Corp. We partnered with this wonderful progressive business to create a truly authentic tartan check blanket. Made on century old looms, powered by green energy in the Highlands by a brilliant team reviving the fortunes of the weaving industry in the most beautiful part of the world.


Female-founded, Female-led

Founded by Rachel. Inspired by Rachel's mum. We're a tiny, all-female team with big ambitions.

We're all driven to create something different. A product for our customers to love, a product that has real purpose, a product that has come from a very good place.

From sheep, to sweater, to you.

If you have any questions, please do just get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.