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The sell-out collaboration is coming back

Melding the realms of fashion & interiors, following on from our sell-out first release, we're thrilled to introduce a second drop of our much-loved, exclusive, limited-edition collaboration with edit58 - the independent artisan brand. One-of-a-kind, double-sided cushions. Not two are the same.

On one side is the striking vintage rug fabric sourced by Lisa at edit58, on the other, remnants of our tartan checked blankets, made from 100% Scottish-spun wool and created on century old looms powered by green energy, in the Highlands of Scotland.

Made in the British Isles

Cosy, comforting and chic

The luxuriously soft blanket is the perfect pairing with the edit58 vintage rug material, resulting in a classic cushion that is a cosy, comforting, chic addition to the home, and one which - with its recycled wool filling and remnant materials – is a sustainable choice too.

LAUNCHES 16.01.24
recycled British wool

The recycled wool filling repurposes waste fibre from wool garment production, reducing waste and the need for non-sustainable fibres and fillings.

The waste wool is sourced from British Wool, contributing to increased local efficiency and productivity while decreasing the environmental footprint.

A collaboration

Navygrey x edit 58

A collaboration that celebrates
craftsmanship, history, and tradition, that has a positive impact on the environment.

Fom two female founders, Lisa of edit58 and Rachel of Navygrey.

We hope you love.