Why wool is a wonderful fibre & why we chose it

Why wool is a wonderful fibre & why we chose it

100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, Merino wool has a worldwide reputation for softness, strength and technical benefits.

When it came to choosing the right natural fibre for our jumpers, at Navygrey we spent months trying to find the right wool yarn that would give both the softness and level of performance needed for you to want to wear your jumper again, and again and again. 

Working with a wonderful mill in Italy called Lanecardate, we finally found the right wool yarn, one that that has a unique, lofty softness due to the way in which Lanecardate spins it.

What's more, Lanecardate was willing to work with us to create our own bespoke wool yarn that was not only traceable back to the farms but could also be dyed locally in Italy to create our range of distinct neutral hues. 

Sourced directly from Australia and some parts of New Zealand, in partnership with Lanecardate, we only work with farms that are committed to the best practices in terms of land and animal welfare.  All of the farms we work with have either ceased or have never practiced mulesing. Find out more about mulesing here

This is why it takes us over three, sometimes four to five months to produce our jumpers. And why it can take us a while to restock when we sell out. 

Transparency in our supply chain had to be a given when we started Navygrey. From the organic cotton labels in each of our jumpers, to the tags made from 100% post consumer waste here in the UK - we believe that as a new brand creating new products we have to be responsible for our footprint and minimising our negative environmental impact. 

When looking at soft, luxurious fibres, our research also showed that there is a growing sustainability problem with virgin cashmere. The world's demand for this fibre has led to overpopulation and that the goats' voracious grazing is changing the natural landscape - with the United Nations Development Programme citing that 90 percent of Mongolia is fragile dry-land, under increasing threat of desertification. What's more, it has also impacted on the quality and consistency of cashmere yields. 

For us therefore we wanted to ensure that not only did we have a traceable natural fibre supply chain, but also one that was sustainable and consistent in terms of quality. 

At Navygrey we create the kind of jumper that you want to cherish for years. The exact 20 year old jumper that inspired our brand and which my mother still wears today. 

The fact the the super-soft sumptuous Merino wool we use is odour resistant, naturally elastic, breathable and wrinkle resistant is an added bonus.  

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x Rachel, Founder, Navygrey 

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