The Wash Less, Air More Club

The Wash Less, Air More Club

At Navygrey, we encourage you to wash your knitwear less. We believe the longer you leave your knitwear without washing it, the more beautiful it will be. 

We decided to start a club. A Wash Less, Air More Club. We'd love you to join us.

Claire bought her first Navygrey jumper in 2019. She hasn't washed it yet. Sarah bought one in 2020. She's washed it once. Caroline has owned her cardigan for two years. She's washed it twice.

By airing your knitwear, giving it a chance to breathe and relax, you'll keep it fresh.

Wool is clever. It's naturally breathable, resistant to odours and dirt. And wool doesn't really like water.

What's more, by washing less, you'll save time. We always want more of that. But, even more importantly, you'll save lots of water. And that helps to save the planet.

It's the little things like this – taking shorter showers, turning the tap off when cleaning your teeth, waiting for a full dishwasher load before turning it on - that can make a big difference.Now, like any good club, there are a few joining rules. But like wool, you're smart. We we reckon you've got this covered. 

Club Rules

Rule 1 – Be more Claire. See how long you can go without washing your knitwear.

Rule 2 – Rest between wears. Wear for one day, leave to rest for two.

Rule 3 – Let it breathe. Air your garments. Lie them flat on a drying rack. You can also hold and waft them for as long as you so wish.

Rule 4 – Spot clean. Life can be messy, especially around the neckline and cuff. Dab gently with some water. Don't rub.

Rule 5 – If it's raining, pop the umbrella up. Wool repels water but it doesn't like getting caught in a downpour.

Rule 6 – You can lightly spray your knit with a gentle garment refresher. Go easy. Don't drench it.

When the big wash day comes

All your Navygrey knit requires is a quick five-minute dip (no soaking) in a basin of cool water with a tiny amount of gentle detergent.

Some brands use a chemical treatment to make their jumpers machine washable. We try to create knitwear with the lowest environmental impact possible. So please don't be tempted to wash your Navygrey jumper in the machine (even on the hand-wash setting). And never spin to speed up drying – this weakens the fibres and will misshape your garment.

Wool is vulnerable when it's wet and can be discoloured by direct heat or sunlight. Dry it flat, out of direct sunlight or heat. While it may take a bit longer to dry, it's worth waiting for.

Managing pilling

Pilling (or bobbling) is an entirely natural process and to be expected when the wool we use is so soft and delicate. To manage pilling lie your garment flat, hold it taut and, using a de-pilling comb, brush in one direction to gently remove pills.

It’s often a good idea to de-pill your jumper just before you wash it.

Storing your knitwear

We always recommend folding knitwear, as this helps to prevent stretching. If you do need to hang your garment, just fold it, place it into one of our bags and loop the handles over a hanger.

It can be good to wash your knitwear before storing it for long periods. This will make it less attractive to moths. Once it's fully dry, store your jumper in one of our bags so it can still breathe. Make sure the bag is sealed and your wardrobe door or drawers are fully closed.

When the season changes, your knitwear will be waiting for you. Go-to-pieces of comfort that bring you home.

Pledge to join us and share your WashLess, Air More story. Email us at or tag us

We'd love to know how you get on.


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