Sea Grey - The inspiration behind our new colour

Sea Grey - The inspiration behind our new colour

An ode to those longed-for walks by the sea with friends. A colour inspired by the coast and vast grey skies. A beautiful mix of grey, sage green and blue come together to create this unique muted shade. Elegant and understated, we're so delighted to introduce this new limited shade to the Navygrey palette. 


An unexpected shade that elevates a pair of simple blue jeans and looks sublime with all shades of white and ecru - just perfect for a summer of staycations.  

Having grown up right by the coast in the north-west of England, the swirling skies and choppy seas will forever be an inspiration - and it's these tones that will always inspire the Navygrey palette. 

This unique colour reflects the light so differently. It's one of the many reasons we love it, but it has meant it has proved tricky to capture in photography. But we hope when you see it close up, you'll love it as much as we do. 

It felt that this spring was the perfect time to introduce Sea Grey into one of our most loved styles - the WEEKEND. A jumper that is, in itself inspired by past family holidays, where the summers were as simple as the wardrobes.

It's a perfect throw-it-on jumper that just works every time. And in this limited edition shade, there's something very special about it indeed. 

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