In March last year, as the world closed up and we faced so much uncertainty, we craved warmth and comfort like never before. Every single routine changed, friends and family became physically distant and life fundamentally shifted. It was against this backdrop that we began to design and develop our HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN. 

Whether consciously or sub-consciously, it was that pull and safety of home, the need to wrap ourselves up and be comfortable that came to underpin the style, shape and feel of this beloved cardigan.  

We knew immediately it was a very special kind of wool that would be required to create this knit. Something that would strike the right blend of softness and edge, that in an instant, could take you right back to home.

We settled on a bespoke Lamb's Wool, sourced from selected farms in South Africa that adhere to the Responsible Wool Standard - meaning we know the wool has come from happy sheep and progressive farms.

It's a beautiful refined wool, that travels by boat and is then spun on the banks of Kinross in Loch Leven at the prestigious Scottish mill Todd & Duncan. And while we were not able to visit the mill due to restrictions of COVID-19, their expertise is unparalleled and we knew it would be perfect for this cardigan. 

A lot of people ask us why we did not choose British wool for this particular style and it's a fair question. We love British wool and behind the scenes, we're developing some wonderful pieces from fully-traceable wool that we hope you'll love.

But for this particular style, we were after a unique and very special feel, that had a softness and strength that reminded us exactly one worn by my grandfather. 

The style had to be simple, enduring and timeless. Something that could be lived in. A cardigan steeped in vintage sensibility, but cut for the modern day.

Deep pockets, recycled buttons and a fit that would feel relaxed and polished all at the same time. We deliberately didn't want to create something too slouchy. It had to have an effortless elegance that will stand the test of time. 

The result is a longline silhouette, a chunky 5 gauge in a classic English rib that's both sumptuous and sturdy. Knitted and hand-finished in Portugal by our small team of women and men as they successfully navigated social distancing, home-schooling, lock-downs and curfews. We will be forever grateful to have such a dedicated team of wonderful skilled-people to bring this cardigan to life. 

And as a small way that we can give back, we pledge to pant a tree with The World Land Trust, for each cardigan sold. Trees are vital to our planet. In 2019, global deforestation reached 64 million acres a year. Through planting trees, the World Land Trust is helping to restore these lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes.

By funding the nurturing and planting of a tree, we can play a small role in protecting our environment for the next generation - the greatest heirloom we can pass on. 

And now, as the world opens up, we hope our HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN can take on a new lease of life. Comforting and pragmatic, equally at home on the back of a chair as it is over shoulders and across knees when there's a draft in the air. Stay cosy and click here to shop

x Rachel, Founder

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