Code red

Code red

Some may see red as the colour of love, but to us it's the colour of joy. Of confidence. Of beauty. It's the colour you reach for when you need a boost. The colour you wrap yourself in when you need to stand tall.

At Navygrey our palette is inspired by those timeless classics that you return to time and again. Mum's favourite navy jumper. Your trusty grey cardigan. Neutrals that spark memories, that bring comfort. But scroll through our shop and the occasional flash of red will catch your eye. 

We added red to our palette not because we wanted something to stand out amidst these neutrals. Instead, looking back at old family pictures we kept noticing different tones of red. 

These bursts never stood out in a brash way. They were consistent. You could say, almost reassuring. Bolder than navy yes, but not overtly. Dad's red ribbed jumper, muted and just as relevant as it was in the 70s and 80s as it would be today. A red cagoule worn by mum. A t-shirt. My swimsuit. Pockets of red that just worked. Confident but always easy. 

Perhaps Diana Vreeland said it best when she remarked, “Red is the great clarifier – bright, cleansing, revealing. It makes all colours beautiful. I can’t imagine being bored with it – it would be like becoming tired of the person you love.”

We couldn’t agree more. In a way, red can almost be considered a neutral. While it will never disappear into the background, it’s the perfect partner to almost any other colour. Pair a red jumper with blue jeans for a winter walk. Team it with navy for lunch with friends. Soften it with blush pink or smoky grey. Cosy it up with warm brown.

And anyone who says that red and green should never be seen has clearly never admired a Christmas tree. Indeed, what would autumn and winter be without glorious red leaves, ripe berries, Father Christmas’s suit or a robin.

It’s the colour of the Hogwarts Express speeding through a snowy landscape. A post box waiting to be filled with festive cards.

But as the seasons keep on turning and the decorations are packed away, red will still be here to attract our attention. From spring tulips and summer roses to the Oscars, red continues to delight us all year through.

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