We Stand With Ukraine - The RED CROSS sample sale

We Stand With Ukraine - The RED CROSS sample sale

Like so many, we feel utterly helpless about what is happening in Ukraine right now. On Wednesday last week we felt compelled to do something.

We decided to host a sample sale on our website, with 100% of every purchase (not just the profit) being donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Whilst we emailed our customers and spread the word on Instagram, we pulled together as many samples as we could. On Thursday at 4pm we went live with around 70 samples. The response was overwhelming. By 4.10pm, every single piece had sold out.

We’re donating the same amount that we had to pay in VAT on the sales, so that every single penny spent by you, our customers goes to the Red Cross. The result is a total donation of £10,395.57.

The power of the community has been inspiring. The kindness, the generosity… the need to do something as this devastating war continues.

In just 10 minutes…£10,395.57.

Thank you for being there and for making all this possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

x Rachel & the Navygrey Team

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