Introducing our new charity partnership – The Family Holiday Association

Introducing our new charity partnership – The Family Holiday Association

First sandcastle. First sea dip. First... everythings. There's something about summer holidays when we were younger. It's as if every experience and each adventure we had, was somehow more memorable. 

And it was. Because as the neuroscientist Dr Eagleman has found, new experiences can make it feel like time passes more slowly. A richer, more filled-out memory of an event makes it seem like it lasted longer - simply because there’s so much that's worth remembering.

The backdrop of the sea, that uniform of jeans and a good jumper to keep you warm - a feeling of being home. It's those carefree holiday moments that influence so much of what we design and create here at Navygrey.

Yet, for so many families across the UK, the possibility to create simple, indeed vital, family holiday memories remains out of reach. There's no hope of escaping the day-to-day - a simple trip to the seaside, a chance to experience something new.

And that's where the wonderful people at the charity the Family Holiday Association come in. They help families get away - even if just for a day. These are families for which holidays are a lifeline, not a luxury. 

They support families in the UK coping with huge challenges, such as disability, severe illness, mental health issues, domestic abuse or bereavement. For most, it’s the first time they’ll have ever had a family holiday.

Their breaks help to give people breathing space from everyday life. As one of the charity’s recent holidaymakers said;

On the second and third day of the holiday, I saw a transformation in my daughter. She got back that ‘twinkle in her eye’. On the third day, I felt my anxiety calmed down. It was amazing having a few days off and escaping from stress and having memories to look back on.”

Holidays matter. Happy memories are life-changing. The smiles, the post-dip shivering, the watery hot-chocolate from the beach cafe. A damp towel. A woolly jumper.

We want to help give families struggling with some of the toughest challenges life can bring the opportunity to enjoy making happy memories.

We'll donate to the Family Holiday Association £15 from every purchase made between 15th July and 30th August.

We all know that the benefits of holidays carry on long after the suntan has faded. Most parents tell the Family Holiday Association that they feel less stressed and better able to cope at home after a short break. Their relationships improve and they're able to do more as a family.

Thank you for your support. We'll let you know how we get on. 

x Rachel

All donations will be sent to the Family Holiday Association, via Work for Good - the organisation set up to help small businesses raise funds in the correct and legal way - for the charities they care about.

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