In the Press: The Telegraph

In the Press: The Telegraph

Alyson Walsh shares how she mastered a 'buy less, buy better' wardrobe.

At Navygrey we're big advocates for the 'buy less, buy better' adage and Alyson Walsh makes the concept really accessible. In her article, Alyson gives perfect advice on how to mix and match both old and new styles.

Alyson says, "I’m more inclined towards simplicity and brands who do one thing well: create enduring items to be relied upon year-in, year-out. The lovely tweed jacket, a favourite sweater and jeans, a pair of outstanding ankle boots, these are all perennial favourites."

So we were thrilled to see her include the TRADITIONAL in Navy as one of the 'three best forever-stylish buys'.

Read the article here (please note The Telegraph has a paywall) or shop the TRADITIONAL in Navy here

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