In the Press: Navygrey in the FT WEEKEND

In the Press: Navygrey in the FT WEEKEND

How to have a stylish staycation? "Pack for the weather you'll be getting..." Wise words indeed from Kate Finnigan writing in the FT WEEKEND.

"In my opinion", Kate goes on to share... "the most stylish person at any outdoor event is not the person with the coolest outfit but the person who remains warm and dry in a sudden downpour."

We couldn't agree more Kate and we are thrilled that she featured Navygrey as one of her favoured British knitwear labels 'to throw over everything.' 

Shorts, chinos, raincoats and knits. British staycation wardrobe perfection in our eyes.

See below our round-up of go-to knits to pack for a British break away. 

The HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN, in Natural Brown

The TRADITIONAL, in Vreeland Red

The RELAXED in Blush. Bicycle optional. 


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