In the Press: The Telegraph's French inspiration

In the Press: The Telegraph's French inspiration

The French term La Rentrée upstages the classic British "back-to-school" look in The Telegraph. Bethan Holt celebrates French chic and their dedication to embracing a different style as September rolls in - one that is much more sophisticated than your summer favourites.

Our HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN in Navy holds it's own amongst her other chic picks for Autumn.But La Rentrédoesn't mean stocking up on lot's of new pieces. "As autumn rolls in, it's time to explore your wardrobe in search of old gems – or invest in a statement piece."

At Navygrey we are all about jumpers that last a lifetime - that's why all our pieces feature a timeless design, superb quality wool and tips for long-term care. So whether you're dusting off an oldie, or investing in a new piece, we hope you cherish it.

Shop the HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN here. Or read the piece here (Please note that the Telegraph does have a paywall so you may not be able to access the piece in full).

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