Making extra time when losing one hour...

Making extra time when losing one hour...

The clocks go forward on 27th March this year. It's the time of the year when we lose an hour and that can feel like we've been short changed. 

But there's something special about early mornings. The world is just waking up. Everything is still. The TV is off. The phone has yet to ring. The house is quiet. Just you, your thoughts and the background melody of birdsong. Bliss.

Many of us know of the 'Power Hour', in fact it’s said that many of the world’s most successful people wake up super early. By 7am, they’ve already been to the gym, fired out a bunch of emails, closed a deal. Fair play to them. But life shouldn’t just be about achieving things.

Enter the ‘Peaceful Hour’: a time to gather your thoughts. To mentally prepare for the day ahead. Time to spend on you, not your to-do list.

So this Sunday, embrace the change and think of yourself as gaining an hour, not losing one. Set aside some time for yourself.

We've popped five ideas of things you could try below.1. Plant some seeds.

When the future seems a bit scary and uncertain, planting seeds is balm for the soul. You’re doing something positive, both for you and for the bees and butterflies that will hopefully visit the flowers. And in just a few days, you’ll get the thrill of watching your tiny seedlings break though the soil.

2. Try yoga.

If you’ve yet to experience Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, you’re missing out. Her calming voice gently guides you through a series of yoga movements. There’s no judgement. No expectation to hold the perfect pose. Plus, you get to smile at the ever chilled out Benji (Adriene’s dog).

3. Light a candle.

Make the most of the quiet. Reflect. Unwind. Breathe. It's OK to be idle. 

4. Go for a walk.

It sometimes feels that we need a reason for a walk. A dog. A toddler. A trip to the shops. But we really don’t. Pack a flask of tea and a bar of chocolate (sneaky) and head out. Leave the phone at home. It makes a big difference. The more you walk without out, the more richer that time becomes.

Explore somewhere new or take the time to really appreciate familiar surroundings. Look up.

5. Stay in bed.

Snuggle down. Pull the curtains open to let the light in. Read a book or magazine.  Revel in doing absolutely nothing. 

And above all, do not feel guilty. Easier said then done, we know. But practice makes perfect, doesn't it...? 

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