Five top questions we're being asked right now

Five top questions we're being asked right now

Hearing from you, our customers, is one of our favourite things. So last week we ran a Q&A over on our Instagram. Here are the top five questions we were asked.

1. Will we be getting the WEEKEND in any more colours?

The WEEKEND jumper is so good. It’s our top bestseller along with our RELAXED.
As to other colours, we’d love to do some more. We especially wanted to introduce lighter colours, as we know so many of you would like that.

Getting the right yarn / colour mix is such an art, and what we thought would work on paper just didn’t quite turn out in real life. This was especially true with the lighter colours, and some of the brighter ones. We only want to create things that we know you will love, and it just wasn't quite right.

But we think we have a solution, so while there won’t be any new colours for this spring – we promise next year we’ll have more! We utterly love this style and we know so many of you do… It will be worth the wait!2. Will the SWEATSHIRT come out in navy?

As you know we’re big fans of navy. We are working on it. We want to find the ‘just right’ shade for it to work. Being called Navygrey, we’re very Goldilocks about colour. It’s got to be just right… We hope to have something soon.3. When are you going to make scarves?

Excellent question… we love a scarf. Last year we launched our first blanket which was a wonderful experience and we definitely would love to do scarves. It is on our radar.

But we'd love to hear from you - would you like plain scarves or something else? And any particular colours from our palette? We’d love to know what type of scarf you’d like. Drop us an email – – would love to have any input!4. Anything new planned?

This spring we launched the WEEKEND CARDIGAN and the SWEATSHIRT – and the feedback has been wonderful. We haven’t introduced lots this spring as we’ve been really focused on this coming autumn and beyond!

We’re really excited at what we have coming up – and we hope you like it too. This autumn we’ll have some beautiful new styles and shades, all along the Navygrey palette of course, with a few splashes of brighter hues. We can’t wait to share.5. Love the art in your studio! Where’s it from?

These three pieces are by an artist I absolutely love – Camilla Perkins. She did a wonderful series of pictures around the South Hams coastline in Devon – which is a place full of happy memories for me as it’s where my family always holidayed when I was growing up. The lines she created, along with the tones, capture perfectly the essence of that beautiful coast during the summer months.

The art brings me joy and daily inspiration from a London-based studio!Bonus: What’s your favourite tea?

Our kind of question. I’m a traditionalist at heart so it’s a good strong English Breakfast or Assam for me by day, graduating to a Rooibos tea in the evening.

In my humble opinion, tea is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But dear goodness, please do not spoil it by adding too much milk. A splash is all you need – aware this might be controversial for some though! Nothing like arguing over what ‘colour’ of tea is best…

x Rachel

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