125 miles from fibre to FIELD CREW

125 miles from fibre to FIELD CREW

Over a year in the making and working with some of the best in their field (quite literally)... that's what it took to bring our new FIELD CREW to life. 

A quest to create a true boyfriend Brit Knit

Since we first launched in 2019, our RELAXED jumper has been our bestseller year after year. Based on a 25 year old jumper owned by my own mother, this jumper is the perfect mid-weight knit, with just the right amount of slouch. 

The shape and style feels as relevant as it did when we first launched, and so we knew this has to be the basis for this new crew neck. 

It starts with choosing the right wool

For a good mid-weight knit, we knew we needed to find a wool that would be flexible enough to be knitted in a gauge that would not be too thick and chunky. 

Working directly with our knitters and with Laxtons, the award-winning Yorkshire-based mill, we trialled lots of different options, but finally settled on a unique blend of Bluefaced Leicester wool and Masham wool that could be knitted perfectly into an 8gg mid-weight knit. 

Take a look at the journey below... 


This exquisite blend is developed so that you get the softness of the Bluefaced Leicester wool (believed to be England's finest wool) - but with the addition of Masham wool which helps with durability - which is what we wanted for in this knit.

The result is from fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles. 

How it feels

Firmer, edgier and more rustic than our signature Superfine Scottish-spun Lambswool. But that's to be expected.

This is a 100% British wool, sourced directly from UK farms. This isn't a wool that you can directly compare with a Superfine Lamb's wool or a cashmere because British soil and British land are fundamentally different to the landscapes where these other sheep and goats graze. 

What this is, however, is an authentic British yarn that has a very special quality and soul. Softness with edge, we say. The hairier texture is hard to convey through photographs, but watch our videos carefully and you'll be able to see it spring to life. 

It's quite a fibrous yarn and has echoes of an alpaca or mohair, but unlike those wools, this is 100% British. This is a wool yarn that has been created on British soil, within a few hundred miles. 

There’s something very special about wearing this brilliant textured British wool that has a real connection to British farmland. And if you're worried that it isn't quite soft enough, wear with a vest or t shirt underneath, and you'll be all set. 

Three British colours

Storm Navy - Dark evening skies, stormy April. A twist on our classic Navy.

Loch Blue is brighter and lighter. A hue that echoes early spring mornings, the lakes of the north and the lochs of Scotland. 

And our first rugby-inspired stripe in Storm Navy with Un-dyed Natural Ecru. Iconic, yet chic and wearable. Designed with the Navygrey woman and her wardrobe in mind.

Local product, local people, local purpose

A celebration of fibre to finished jumper, in just 125 miles, the FIELD CREW is a testimony to the success and sheer joy of working with local product, local people and local purpose.

It is an honour to play a small part in helping to revive a real love for British wool, by creating a jumper that we believe you'll love for years to come.

The fact sheet

  • 125 miles from fibre to FIELD CREW
  • 100% British wool, sourced from UK farms
  • Fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles
  • Full Traceability back to British Wool
  • Natural, renewable, biodegradable
  • Bluefaced Leicester wool for softness and Masham wool for durability
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Finished with 100% organic cotton labels
  • Supporting British Farmers and UK manufacturing

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