The LORTON collection

Discover the creativity and craftsmanship behind the knits in our new series: UNSPUN.

Here we take a look at two new Navygrey additions for 2024.

The LORTON 005 / The CARDIGAN and LORTON 005 / The TANK.


The LORTON story

LORTON - the name of a very special place in Cumberland, Cumbria. It actually consists of two villages – Low Lorton and High Lorton, nestled in one of the prettiest parts of the Northern Lakes. Very few people know this little spot, but it’s a place that has a lot of meaning to me.

It’s where I spent many a family holiday, including the last one we took with dad before he passed away. It’s where I got married. It’s where I’ll be taking my children to learn to skim stones, and experience four seasons in one day.

A few years ago, when Navygrey was just an idea, I even thought maybe I should call the company Lorton, such was my attachment to it. Instead, it’s the name we gave to a special collection of knits that we launched in 2022. And we were overwhelmed by your response.

It's then that we decided that LORTON would be the name we would give to a few, limited-edition pieces we launch each year and which won’t be repeated. They’ll be made from some of the finest wools, and they’ll all be crafted here in the British Isles.

Each one significant, understated, and which we hope will bring you real joy. Just like Lorton has given me.

Made in Nottinghamshire

A behind-the-scenes look

Building on the huge success of the LORTON released in 2022, we have taken key elements from the one cardigan you loved and we have tweaked and altered the style for a refreshed modern look.

This is Navygrey's take on two classic traditional pieces, where we focus on the intricate details. A celebration of just how great a knit can be when all the ingredients come together.

The Tank

A modern take on a traditional piece.

We've taken the much-loved float stitch and added it onto a new sleeveless silhouette. Worn by itself or layered over a t-shirt, this is a real forever knit that will stand the test of time. A true beauty.

Getting into

The knitty-gritty

How long does it take to make?

Each piece is lovingly crafted, taking around two and a half hours each to perfect, from knitting to final press and packaging. Linking each collar, button band, pockets and for the tank, the armbands. Quality time is spent linking the different sections of the garment together, checking stitch by stitch, ensuring each and everyone matches and is aligned. The process is meticulous and delicate, creating the finest of knits.

How many people does it take to create each piece?

From start to finish, each knit is handled by eight to nine people. As the garment makes it way through the factory, quality time is spent linking and hand-sewing to have every loose end and ties hidden away. After all these processes are complete, the garment is then washed and has final quality checks before being packaged up and sent to a loving customer.

What are the pieces made out of?

Unlike our previous LORTON styles, LORTON 005/ The Cardigan and LORTON 006/ The Tank, are both made out of 100% Scottish-spun Lambswool. Each piece is knitted into a luxurious 3 gauge, creating a soft and chunky jumper for maximum warmth.

What is the inspiration behind the float stitch design?

The float stitch design across the front is inspired by the classic Scottish Fairisle sweaters. Traditionally the Fairisle pattern consists of two colours per row. The LORTON's feature Navygrey's take on this classic Scottish design.

The stitch is made up of a formation of knit and pearl stitches moving together and floating across others to create a reverse Fairisle inspired pattern. A tonal textured stitch.

Natural buttons

Each button is delicately etched with Navygrey and made by Courtney and Co. A British button manufacturer, on the mission of reviving button making, using natural materials and traditional techniques. The buttons are made from Corozo nuts, that are derived from the Tagua palm tree. Sustainable, natural and practical. Made in England. Uniquely ours.