Navygrey & RePack. Zero waste

Navygrey & RePack. Zero waste

We're thrilled to be partnering with RePack - an award-winning, globally unique, reusable, returnable, 100% waste-free packaging service.

RePack reduces CO2 emissions by 80% compared to single use packaging. For launch, as part of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, we will be sending out our first 100 orders in RePack packaging. 

After that, you'll be able to choose between RePack or the standard compostable packaging. 

Loop of good. How it works

  • Step 1 - You place an order with Navygrey
  • Step 2 - We ship your order in reusable RePack packaging
  • Step 3 - Once you receive your order, you simply fold the packaging into an envelope (see below diagram) and return it empty by dropping it into a post box, anywhere in the world.

RePack return

  • Step 4 - If returning your jumper for an exchange or refund, you can use your reusable RePack and follow the normal returns procedure.
  • Step 5 - As a thank you treat for choosing the most planet-friendly packaging option, as soon as your returned RePack is received, you'll receive a £10 Voucher which can be used on your next Navygrey purchase or any brands that use RePack. This voucher is issued by RePack.

Save nature and money. It's potentially one of the most environmentally ways to shop online.  Read more about RePack here.

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