Why we need to reclaim our Sundays

Why we need to reclaim our Sundays

There’s something to be said for reclaiming Sunday evening as a time to rest. Doing nothing can help us to recharge and mentally prepare for the week ahead.

Some people prefer to spend their Sundays preparing for the week ahead. By putting the washing away, batch-cooking meals for the week or tidying the living room, you can start your week with a cleaner slate. Simply knowing that you’re more prepared can help to calm your mind.However, we think there’s something to be said for reclaiming Sunday as a day of rest. Most of us can’t spend the whole day relaxing, but we can at least set aside Sunday evenings as a time to recharge. That may mean curling up with a book, soaking in the bath, meditating or painting. Or it may mean just loafing around in pyjamas or binging on Netflix.

Giving ourselves permission to do nothing brings release.

But solace isn’t only found in stillness. Activities like walking, gardening or baking can offer their own form of solace, allowing your mind to wander and your soul to breathe. This can give you the space to reflect on the week or just to mentally clear out the clutter.

Perhaps what is most important is making a conscious decision about what not to do on a Sunday evening. To set aside responsibilities and obligations. To ignore the to do list. It’s all too easy to fill our free time with family visits, DIY and the minutiae of modern life. If we take a step back, we may decide we want solitude. Or we may decide we need the release of laughing with friends. Or the comfort of playing a family board game. There really is no right or wrong answer – Sundays are ours to reclaim. 

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