For the love of a good notebook

For the love of a good notebook

There’s a certain thrill in a new notebook. So many possibilities lie ahead. What will you use yours for?

Crisp blank pages. An unmarked cover. That woody scent.

September always gives us that 'back to school' feeling - making us want to start fresh, on fresh pages. While there’s a myriad of covers to choose from, the real excitement comes in how you fill the pages. A travel journal? A dream diary? Or perhaps just everyday musings, notes and reflections?

The summer scrapbook

Some notebooks are just waiting to be filled with photographs, stickers, theatre tickets, pressed flowers and memories. Choose a book that has an elastic band to keep it closed.The gratitude journal

A compliment from a friend. A newly discovered Netflix series. A homemade cake shared with family... A gratitude journal can help us to appreciate and reflect on these small moments of happiness.

The sleep journal

If you struggle to drop off, or keep waking throughout the night, a sleep journal might help. You can find templates online, but the basic premise is simple. Note down the hours you’ve slept, the quality of your sleep and anything that might have affected it.

You’ll want to record exercise, medication, stress levels, caffeine, alcohol, meals and so on. The aim is to spot any patterns. (Eg. a walk outdoors leading to better sleep, or a late evening meal coming back to haunt you at 3am.)

The bullet journal

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, a bullet journal might help. There are several ways to set one up. We like the original bullet journal method. Keep it handy, on your desk or in your handbag, for quick updates.The recipe book

Family recipes can be passed down through the generations – inspiring a feeling of comfort, home and belonging.

The Diary

For those of us who struggle to keep a daily diary, a simple notebook can be a better option. That way there are no missed pages. A large notebook could last you for years.

Or just a simple notebook

One notebook can do all of the above, and so much more. A single page might carry a quote from the radio, a birthday reminder, a memory.

What kind of notebook are you looking for?

Here are some of our favourites to help you choose. 

1. Blank pages, fountain pen safe paper - this blush pink notebook from Katie Leamon is perfect if you're looking for a clean slate.

2. If you'd like something luxurious, we love this premium lined notebook from Smythson - choose between a large and small.

3. A trusty Moleskin notebook is great classic and Navygrey favourite.4. If you're looking for a bit of support, these Wellness Journals from Papier are filled with thoughtful prompts.

5. Utilitarian. Grey. No nonsense. Perfect for a simple to do list, we love this classic notebook from Paperchase.

6. Leather bound (in vegan leather) and personalised, this notebook from Martha Brook is a special one.

7. If you're as crazy about wool as we are then give this Merino Wool covered notebook a try.

Whichever you choose, hold it close.

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