A love letter to navy

A love letter to navy

Navy is our evergreen. It's never brash, never OTT. But neither is it shy or unsure. It has a quiet, grown-up confidence.

It is softer and warmer than either black or white. And somehow more enticing. Quietly taming limelight-loving shades like orange without dimming their playfulness.

It's a favourite on the red carpet, at weddings, for informal Sunday brunches and days at the beach whatever the season.

Navy is also the perfect companion for lighter shades. Teamed with white, fawn or cream, it has a classic, timeless appeal and reminds us of the joys of simplicity. 

With a splash of gold or purple, navy exudes understated opulence and luxury. Partnered with blush pink, it creates a sense of peace and serenity.

And remember the old adage that navy and black could not be worn together? Well, it is quite simply the chicest colour pairing - beautiful and pragmatic all at the same time. A navy sweater, styled with jeans and black loafers come together for an outfit packed with effortless ease, proving that the darkest shades can indeed be the happiest bedfellows.

Former Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman dedicates an entire chapter of her book, 'Clothes... and other things that matter' to our favourite hue. 'It knows itself,' says Shulman. 'It's not going to surprise or ambush you, and is safe in the best possible way...and as a result, I wear it. A lot.' 

In fact, dark blue has long been associated with confidence and authority, which is why it was chosen for the uniform of Royal Navy Officers way back in 1748. It was called marine blue, but over time the name was changed to reflect the officers who wore it so well.

While you can create navy by mixing blue and black, you can also make it with cyan and magenta. Ensuring you get the exact right shade of navy is an art form. 

It’s the colour of the depths of the sea. A warm summer’s evening. A stormy winter's sky. A favourite jumper.

'Navy is my default when, really, I don't want to wear anything at all,' says Alexandra Shulman.

Navy. It's our one true love. 

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