Discover the creativity and craftsmanship behind the knits in our new series: UNSPUN.

Here we take a look at our much loved funnel neck shape .



What makes it so good?

The success lies in its simplicity and versatility. 

Reassuringly weighty without being too heavy. A hem that drapes rather than grips. An elegant raglan sleeve to flatter the shoulders.  

A funnel neck that can be up or rolled down (and inwards) for a more crew-like effect. The tactile softness of the Scottish-spun wool. 

The sell-out style every Autumn/ Winter. A must have for British weather and crisp days.

Pair with winter boots and jeans for an everyday look. You can even dress it up with a slip skirt and heels. It really is just, that versatile.

Made in Nottinghamshire

100% Scottish-spun Wool

Our superfine wool arrives in Scotland by boat once a year, sourced from a special breed of sheep in South Africa. Responsible Wool Certified.

The wool has a fibre diameter of c. 18.5 microns, it is one of the world's finest and softest Lambs Wools (most average 21-24 microns).

The wool arrives in Scotland, where it is spun and dyed on the banks Loch Leven in Kinross by Todd & Duncan, one of the finest Scottish Mills. They use a pioneering and cyclical process that helps to protect the environment in and around the Loch.

The finest traceable Scottish-spun Lamb’s wool. 100% natural, always. 

Finished by hand, by knitters with a lifetime's experience.

Getting into

The knitty-gritty

How long does it take to make?

Each piece is lovingly crafted, taking around two and a half hours each to perfect, from knitting to final press and packaging. Linking each funnel, arms, cuff and section of the knit. Quality time is spent linking the different sections of the garment together, checking stitch by stitch, ensuring each and everyone matches and is aligned. The process is meticulous and delicate, creating the finest of knits.

How many people does it take to create each piece?

From start to finish, each knit is handled by eight to nine people. As the garment makes it way through the factory, quality time is spent linking and hand-sewing to have every loose end and ties hidden away. After all these processes are complete, the garment is then washed and has final quality checks before being packaged up and sent to a loving customer.

What are the pieces made out of?

The AUTHENTIC FUNNEL is made out of 100% Scottish-spun Lambswool. Each piece is knitted into a luxurious 3 gauge, creating a soft and chunky jumper for maximum warmth.