Remember the feeling?

That sensation you get when you pull on your favourite jumper? The warmth. The comfort. Like you’ve come back home and everything’s going to be all right.

We take the time to create things that bring that feeling back.

Inspired by the jumpers we’ve loved throughout our lives, we make things that make you feel good, look good, and allow you to do good. Natural, traceable, increasingly regenerative – crafted by the best people.

The beginning

This isn’t a story. It’s history. My life history.

The funny thing is – the favourite jumper wasn’t even mine. It was my mum’s. A navy lambswool with a round neck. A classic.

I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to find a jumper that felt that good. I couldn’t. Not new. Not vintage. Not anywhere.

But I wanted that feeling again. Which is why I decided to recreate it.

x Rachel, Founder

A jumper that can be smart or relaxed. A jumper that fits you, and fits in with your life.

That can survive a long day at work, a long night out with friends. A long weekend in Paris (remember them?) 

A jumper that will survive a little benign neglect. That only needs a wash every now and then. That you can air and wear again.

A jumper that’s made of the purest wool and with love. That’s created from the fleeces of sheep who’ve been well treated, who you could even meet if you wanted. 

Sheared by proper craftsmen (they always seem to be men), then carefully washed and spun with skill. 

Wool that’s dyed without harsh chemicals, then knitted by experts with a lifetime’s experience. That doesn’t harm the planet, and that can even help it grow back.

"Once you discover the excellent knitwear by this sustainable brand you won't want any other"

Kate Finnigan, Journalist & Contributing Editor, FT How to Spend it

A jumper that’s about those classic colours we turn to every year. Navy of course, like mum’s original. And grey, like our name. Flattering and timeless, easy shades to live in.

A jumper that isn’t about this season’s latest trend. But that is always stylish. The good news is, we’ve finally made it.

A jumper that you can wear every day. But that’s far from everyday wear. A jumper that’s timeless, because you never, ever have enough time.

That is in your wardrobe because it has a real purpose. Now you can share it. You can make it part of your life history too.