Celebrating Green (not Black) Friday

Celebrating Green (not Black) Friday

A quick little note on Black Friday. Just like every year since we began almost three years ago, we will not be participating in Black Friday. 

When we started Navygrey almost three years ago, we wanted to ensure that we created not just great products, but ones that are both fairly priced year round and that we know come from a good place.

Discounting on the scale Black Friday encourages simply isn't viable for us. Instead we like to celebrate Green Friday... 

Transparency and responsibility 

Transparency from sheep to finished sweater, working with knitwear grandmasters to bring you the best was paramount. And it's because of your support that we can continue to work with farmers and the skilled spinners and knitters in the UK, Italy and Portugal. People who have spent decades honing their skills. 

The farmers that are working hard to follow a more progressive approach to managing their land and practice holistic respect for animal welfare. The British farmers in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria focused on raising the value of the wonderful Bluefaced Leicester sheep.

Expertise and craftsmanship matters to us. To work sustainably in the true sense of the word – producing in small batches in the UK and Italy and Portugal, where every detail matters, right down to the organic cotton care labels – comes at a higher cost. We know that this means our pieces are investment ones. 

Discounting at the scale demanded on Black Friday would not only mean we would be selling at a loss (thereby threatening our ability to continue to operate sustainably into the future), it would, just as importantly, go against our ethos of buying less, but better.  

Celebrating good choices 

But we do want to celebrate making great choices. And we do want to celebrate the fact that the fibre we use - wool - is so blooming brilliant.  A natural, biodegradable fibre that not only keeps you warm but also doesn't really ever need washing. Yes, that's right. 

So, from Thursday 25th November until midnight on Monday 29th November, we're offering a free WOOLMIST on all orders (while stocks last). Simply add the mist to your basket, and enter the code WOOLMIST

This brilliant spray helps you keep your knitwear fresh, without washing... which not only means you'll keep it beautiful, but also means you save lots of water. Which helps save the planet. 

But taking a step back... above all, if you do one thing during the Black Friday noise, we encourage you to step away from your screens, wrap up and head outside. Nature will always trump shopping. 

So yes, follow that mantra of buying the best that you can. But also, go be part of nature. It’s beautiful out there.

x Rachel, Founder, Navygrey

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