It's our birthday. We are officially three years old...

It's our birthday. We are officially three years old...

And in the blink of an eye, we turn three. What a whirlwind it has been. From sheep, to sweater, from us, to you. Purposeful hero pieces, made by people in the best way, to bring you joy. 

We can't thank all of our lovely customers and supporters enough for being on this journey with us. And we're so excited to share all the things we have in store for 2022... 

Looking back, here's a snapshot of the last three years in (almost) three paragraphs.

Year 1, 2019: The launch

We launched with just three jumpers – The RELAXED, The NEAT and The FUNNEL – in four colours. All crafted from one fully traceable superfine wool yarn. Our CLASSIC CARDIGAN, V NECK and the COCOON soon followed.

We began shipping our knitwear to you from our small garden studio but very quickly ran out of space and had to enlist more help! Lisa Armstrong did a wonderful feature on us in the Telegraph, causing us to sell out. We received so much feedback from you all, which helped us to make tweaks as we grew.Year 2, 2020: Our first chunky knits, two babies and ...(sigh) Covid

Well, we certainly didn’t plan for a pandemic in year two. Our mills and factories stopped. Nurseries and schools closed. The juggle was real, but you, our customers, were so patient as we navigated it all – thank you.

The waiting lists grew. You stayed with us. And the jumpers came once things reopened. We launched the TRADITIONAL and the HEIRLOOM CARDIGAN. We had some wonderful press and so many lovely customers found us as a result. Sarah joined the team, heading up our customer concierge – and I know lots of you have dealt with her!

I welcomed baby Oscar in the July. Jen, our designer, introduced baby Willa to the world in November.Year 3, 2021: Still Covid. The start of a team. A beautiful English wool. And a blanket

Brexit and continued lockdowns. We pressed on. We started working with some wonderful knitters here in the UK. Thanks to you, we donated over £2,500 to the Family Holiday Charity, which brought happiness to many families that needed a break.

We made our first jumpers with 100% English wool, producing two pieces with only 325 miles between the sheep and finished sweaters. You loved them (thank you) and our HARDY sold out in record time. Sorry if you missed out.

We created our first blanket, weaving our palette of navy and grey together – crafted in partnership with the only artisanal mill in the Highlands still weaving tartan. We launched our first HAT (just a few left) and so many of you bought jumpers for loved ones over Christmas. Roxanne and Saskia joined the Navygrey fold and we officially ran out of space in our little garden studio.And that brings us to today...

Looking forward to 2022...Our goal remains simple - to create jumpers with meaning. Because it's when you tell us how good our knits make you feel we know we're doing something right.

So here's to new adventures. There's still so much to learn.

Thank you... 

x Rachel, Founder

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