Tea & Toast with Sophie Platts, founder of Floks

Tea & Toast with Sophie Platts, founder of Floks

Huddersfield, Yorkshire is where Sophie Platts, the founder of Floks grew up. One of her grandfathers worked in the Huddersfield textile trade and the other, a Yorkshire farmer. It is no wonder Sophie founded Floks, with her heritage of these two British industries. I mean, who wouldn't want sustainable, luxurious wool bedding...

Fittingly, October is Wool Month and we are delighted to have Tea & Toast with Sophie, another wool lover, to celebrate. 

Over to you Sophie...


Tea or Coffee?
Never had a cup of coffee. I’m a Yorkshire tea kind of girl. If it’s not perfectly to my taste, I won’t drink it. I savour just one to two cups every morning, no caffeine after 1pm.

Marmalade or Jam
Marmalade… there’s something nostalgic about it.

Lie in or early bird?
Early bird… nothing beats that feeling of being the first to welcome a new day in complete silence.

Book or newspaper?
Book… Love the escape, but I’m definitely more of a holiday reader, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow at home.

Coast or country?
Can I have both? Living in the heart of Yorkshire, I’m drawn to rolling hills and meandering rivers, but only an hour’s drive away from the East Coast with invigorating seas.

Summer or winter?
I’m a stereotypical winter lover, stew making hibernator, but I do love the changing seasons.

Spring or autumn?
The spring promise of new life, longer days and leaping lambs… but the autumn joys of cosy, wholesome plans… a very hard call.

Denim or dress?
A denim dress.

Cardigan or jumper?
A jumper and jeans mean business at Floks HQ, but a cosy cardigan fire side is my down time look.

Navy or grey?
Another tough call… but Navy.


Completely agree, nothing beats a cup of Yorkshire tea in the morning...

Floks focus on making sustainable and luxurious bedding, not only kind to you but kind to the planet. Here's a little bit about the qualities of wool, all crucial to ensuring you get that 'Floks feeling':

Thermoregulating: Wool is a natural insulator. When it is cold it traps warm air in the crimp of its fibre to keep you nice and snug. When the temperature increases it cleverly releases air and absorbs moisture and perspiration into the fibre, which leaves a layer of dry air next to the skin. A truly miracle fibre!

Hypoallergenic: All Floks wool bedding is anti-bacterial. It allows air and moisture to flow through it which means mould and mildews can not grow. The fibres have a microscopic layer of lanolin which is resistant to bacteria, helping those suffering with allergies and conditions such as asthma and eczema.

Sustainable: Despite being a miracle fibre, wool grows back every year! The shearing process is part of the natural, annual cycle for all sheep and is completely painless.

Biodegradable: Sheep wool is soft to the touch but the fibres are strong and durable. When buried or thrown to waste, enzymes in the soil break down wool in a matter of months and release essential nutrients back into the ground.

Low-carbon footprint: All our wool comes from specialised herds on British farms. From there, the grading, scouring and manufacture is all completed within a 20 mile radius which keeps our carbon emissions as low as possible.

Supreme Comfort: Above all we only exist to give our customers a better night’s sleep and we believe that the superior comfort of our super soft cheviot wool (and all it's natural, wonder properties) along with our luxury, organic cotton will do just that. We think our wool bedding is the best in the world and we hope you agree!


Thank you very much for joining us for some tea & toast.

Sophie wears the FIELD VEST in Navy , the FIELD CREW in Storm Navy & Undyed Ecru and the FIELD CREW in Slate Grey.

and also... learn more about wool month and the importance of the fibre here.

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