Tea & Toast with Emma Milne-Watson

Tea & Toast with Emma Milne-Watson

At the very end of a quiet country lane in West Sussex lies jewellery designer Emma Milne-Watson's home, surrounded by open fields and gentle views of the Sussex Downs. Not to mention the impeccable interiors, HQ to Milne Watson (her thriving jewellery business) and the beautiful backdrop to our autumnal countryside shoot.

We sat down at Emma's kitchen table for a quick round of Tea & Toast.


Tea or Coffee?
Coffee. After breakfast and meditation.

Marmalade or Jam
Honey. Always local, local bees.

Lie in or early bird?
Definitely early bird.

Book or newspaper?
Book. But always before bed and I can only ever finish a page before falling asleep!

Coast or country?
Country.  The South Downs are my backdrop at home.

Summer or Winter?
Summer for Mallorca and Greece, long lunches and early morning swims.

Spring or autumn?
Autumn. The best time to appreciate nature and the colours that unfold from the turning of temperature to when you're ready to wear cosy clothes.

Denim or dress?
Denim. Baggy, comfortable and always worn with a white shirt and loafers.

Cardigan or jumper?
Jumper. I love wearing my husband's jumpers from years of collecting Margaret Howell cashmere. Full of holes and his smell.

Navy or grey?
Grey in the autumn and navy in the winter.



Emma Milne-Watson has channeled a lifelong passion for jewellery into creating beautiful, elevated, but playful pieces using her eye for colour combinations and composition. She is keen to work in collaboration with clients to ensure every design not only brings joy but evokes special meaning and memories.

To learn more about Emma and her work click here.

Emma wears the OVERSIZE in Natural Ecru and our AUTHENTIC FUNNEL in Storm Grey.
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