Tea & Toast with Editor and Stylist Sarah Clark

Tea & Toast with Editor and Stylist Sarah Clark

Founder of online fashion and lifestyle platform Douceur, Fashion Stylist, Art Director and former Fashion Editor, meet Sarah Clark.

With her love of navy (and grey) jumpers and her impeccable style credentials, we couldn't think of a more fitting Navygrey woman to kick off our quick fire, 'this or that chat' over tea and toast. 

Over to you Sarah. 


Tea or Coffee?

Always tea. I don’t drink coffee (although I LOVE the smell!).

Marmalade or Jam

Hmm, tricky as I love both. But marmalade probably has the edge if I was forced to choose. Marmalade on toast: heaven.

Lie in or early bird?

A bit of both. I do love a lie-in (who doesn’t?), but I also love getting up early and pottering downstairs while the rest of the house is still asleep. I love the peace and quiet. Also if you get up early enough, the light (in the summer at least) is always worth it…

Book or newspaper?


Coast or country?

Coast in the summer, county in the winter.

One of my favourite beaches is in Italy... it's a specific part of the beach in Fiascherina and you can rent the beds in Hotel Locanda il Senators.

Summer or Winter?

That’s a tricky one! But I just love the winter and all the cosiness that comes with it - open fires, roast dinners, jumpers and jeans, candlelight, Christmas...

Spring or autumn?

 Autumn. My favourite season.

Denim or dress?

Oh wow, now that is impossible for me, as between them they make up approximately 95% of my wardrobe! Summer: dresses. Winter: denim. Can I have that?

Sarah wearing one of her favourite dresses by the brand Meadows.

Cardigan or jumper?

Love both, but I’m definitely more of a jumper girl. Jumpers, jeans and boots is my uniform for approximately seven months of the year.

Navy or grey?

Oh my God, who wrote these questions? This is torturous. Ummm… Navy? But literally by a whisker! You would laugh if you saw my jumper drawer!

Well... we heartily approve of your jumper drawer Sarah. 

Thank you very much for joining us for some tea and toast.

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Pictured at the top, Sarah wears our RELAXED in organic cotton & superfine wool blend. 

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