Step inside the Navygrey Studio

Step inside the Navygrey Studio

At the end of a little patch of grass in the suburbs of SW19, lies the heart of Navygrey. A little studio, aptly crafted from cedar wood and built by hand by Mark and his small team from the London Garden Studios

A small packed-filled space of swatches, samples and scrapbooks. Sweltering on hot days, just perfect when the temperature cools. It was from this very studio that we packed and shipped our first orders. And while that operational part of the business now takes place down in Devon (we ran out of space sooner than expected) - it's here that the heart and soul of the business lies.

Not perfect, but pragmatic for a business at the start of its journey. The commute is short - 11 strides from kitchen to computer.  Rarely as tidy as you can see here - but we made an effort for picture day.

A vintage table marble table (it weighs a tonne) and a hand-made rug from Portugal - hand-me-downs from my grandparents. They lived in Portugal in the 1970s and 1980s following advice from my grandpa's doctor to move somewhere warmer to relieve his arthritis. He lived to 99 so I think it might have been a good decision. 

Multiple boxes, baskets and bags - in a small space you get innovative with storage. 

With an absence of sea and sandy shores nearby, these three pictures of the South Hams by Camilla Perkins provide daily inspiration. The simplicity of the way in which she uses vibrant yet vintage colour is joyful and effortless.   

Another basket. Or two. And a 'desk cardigan' - current choice - The HEIRLOOM in un-dyed ecru.     

A cone of our wool, in Navygrey's bespoke signature shade of blush. A little sheep and a jar containing our Superfine Merino wool yarn in its natural state before being spun. As soft and stunning as it looks. 

Another favourite artist - Bethany Holmes. This painting is called April Mornings at Blakeney Point. 

I first discovered Bethany's art work a few years back and had the pleasure to meet her at a London art fair, which prompted a visit to her studio in Essex. Bethany specialises in abstract expressionist paintings and I was so delighted to find this perfect picture for the Navygrey studio.

The work forms part of the 'Morsten Quay' series, which explores the horizontal and vertical boundaries of the north Norfolk coastline. Across the series, Bethany examines the intertwining relationship between the natural, flat seascape and the beautiful impact of manmade objects, such as the strong vertical masts of the many boats and staithes along the salt marshes.

Bethany is both supremely talented and lovely, and her work and instagram feed are always wonderfully honest and inspirational. Find her here

And there you have it. The small, sunny studio space that we call home. 

x Rachel

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