An ode to autumn

An ode to autumn

“The gentle caress of autumn steals the sultry heat of summer,” Anon.

Autumn, hello.

While we loved those long summer days – and this year we were graced with many – we relish the relief of cooler days, the slower pace of the darker months, the comfort of a new favourite jumper.

Autumn brings with it a sense of relief. January can keep its resolutions – September is the time for new beginnings. For fresh starts. 

As well as a sense of possibility, autumn brings with it an invitation to go at a slower pace. Sunny days are wonderful, but there’s something to be said for curling up inside on a cold, rainy day. An invitation to relax into a book. To take an afternoon nap. To soak in the bath. 

It's the season for gathering in. The end of the year is in view and the seasons are changing around us.

The feeling of pulling on your favourite jumper. Bliss. 

Autumn, it's good to see you. Shop our autumn arrivals.

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