A celebration of the coast, by the British artist, Sally Newton.

Here we take a look at the making of the piece and the label.

Made for our first-edition BRETON JERSEY.

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The painting of...


'Salt' by Sally Newton. Oil on paper (2024). A special-edition landscape. A celebration of coastal hues.

“So when I start a piece, I select my colours first that I’m going to use and I will start mixing a palette.

I often mask off an area on the paper as there’s quite a lot of wildness and movement within the painting itself, and I think it sits against the contrast of a contained space beautifully.

I’ve loved working with Navygrey on this collaboration, it's provided the opportunity to look at different colour combinations for my work. I don’t normally work with such a paired back palette, and I wouldn’t typically work with the sort of navy blues and coastal colours.

We've put together this painting called ‘Salt’. This was a lot of fun to paint because I based it on beach called Gorran Haven in the south of Cornwall, and I just love the how the landscape sits and I found the palettes I used actually came to me quite easily.”

The making of

The Label

A limited-edition label. A woven re-creation of the beautiful coastal landscape specially commissioned by Navygrey.

The label is made in Portugal and crafted from 100% recycled polyester. The woven label creates the clarity of the artwork, whereas our normal labels are 100% organic cotton and printed.

Each first-edition BRETON JERSEY will have our specially commissioned 'Salt' limited-edition label and with each order a postcard showcasing the full piece of art is included.