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Our Story

It starts with a 20 year-old navy jumper

Made of wool, subtly oversized, it’s flattering and elegant. You put it on and don’t have to think about it.

20 years ago my mother bought this jumper. I spent years trying to find one just like it. I couldn’t. So I decided to create one.

Rachel, Founder of Navygrey

High quality, timeless design

We believe in the greatness of the really well-made jumper. From the shape of the neckline to the cut of the sleeve, we create jumpers that give a flattering, refined silhouette.

We do just one thing

Sustainable style

Product care

The sky clouds over,  There's a draught at home.

The hand-me-down, Remembering your dad.

A walk in the Lakes. 
Your third date.

Every jumper tells a story