It starts with a 20 year old jumper. Made of wool, subtly oversized, it’s flattering and elegant. You put it on and don’t have to think about it.

20 years ago (well, 23 now), my mother bought this jumper. I spent years trying to find one just like it. I couldn’t. So I decided to create one.

The result is Navygrey - which began in early 2019. A small collection of understated, elegant pieces to weather the trends of time. Eight jumpers. Three cardigans. I have always loved jumpers. Vivid memories of dad's wool v necks. The comfort of mum's navy jumper. The reassuring presence of Grandpa's beige cardigan every time we popped over for tea.

I love how they transcend generations. I love how they make you feel. The softness, the ease, the earthiness of natural wool fibres. I love how, over time they become slowly yours - entwined with your life. Go-to-pieces of comfort that make you feel at home.

Classics. Made better.


The sky clouds over. There's a draught at home.

The hand-me-down. Remembering your dad.

A walk in the Lakes, Bantham beach. Your third date.

Every jumper tells a story.