Tea with Navygrey Woman

Lisa Smallpiece

Co-founder, AMLY

Lisa Smallpiece is the co-founder of AMLY, an award-winning skincare line. AMLY products are made by blending traditional apothecary methods with modern science. At the core of their collection is the natural spring water sourced from Lisa's Sussex farm.

We sat down over tea and toast this week at her beautiful Sussex home. Two female founders, both on a mission of creating unique sustainable products from British resources for the greater good. 

Lisa wears the AUTHENTIC FUNNEL in Lait & Navy.

Tell us a bit more about AMLY

AMLY represents a seamless blend of revered aromatherapy traditions with modern skincare innovation. Our award-winning collection offers more than skincare; it's a ritualistic journey nurturing the skin and uplifting the soul. Each product, imbued with the restorative scents of wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands, invites a deep connection to the earth's healing powers.

At the heart of AMLY is our commitment to transformative botanicals, carefully sourced from the unspoiled English countryside. When blended with advanced plant-based bioactives, these potent, sustainably harvested ingredients elevate our creations beyond mere skincare, initiating a journey toward healing and radiant vitality.

Crafted with intent, our products are designed to enhance skin health and wellbeing, fostering a deeper sense of harmony with each application. 

Embracing AMLY is to immerse in a tranquil moment of connection, merging the best of nature with the pinnacle of skincare science—a celebration of holistic beauty in its truest form.

Read more about AMLY here.

Get to know

Tea or Coffee?

Tea - Absolutely! My mornings kick off with two cups of Prince & Sons Breakfast Tea.

Marmalade or Jam?

Marmalade - My morning ritual includes a generous slather of marmalade (preferably with bits), on a thick slide of organic sourdough toast, complemented by a LAVISH amount of salty butter.

Lie in or Early Bird?

Earlybird - My mornings are a bit of a menagerie as I tend to three dogs, two cats, four Southdown Sheep and my chickens before the kids rise for school. It's a lively start to the day to say the least!

Book or Newspaper

Book - Currently, I'm immersed in the enchanting world of "The Music Room" by William Fiennes. It's a captivating read that whisks me away from the hustle and bustle, offering the perfect escape amidst my busy days.

Country or Coast?

Country - While the coast is lovely, I often find myself feeling a bit exposed there. My sanctuary is always in the countryside, and during the winter, I can't resist the allure of the mountains.

Summer or Winter?

Summer - Ah, the joys of summer! I love the heat in my bones, the long sun-drenched days, and the simple pleasure of being barefoot outdoors. Our annual three-week sojourn in the hills of Portugal is an absolute must - it's pure heaven.

Spring or Autumn?

Autumn - Without a doubt, autumn holds a special place in my heart. I'm completely addicted to the rich, earthy scent, which has played a significant role in the development of our 'Protect' skincare range, which includes beloved products like Fresh Faced, Digital Detox and City Screen.

Denim or Dress?

Denim - My fashion soul yearns for anything long, wide and reminiscent of the 1970's. It's a style that never goes out of Vogue and rocks in every sense.

Cardigan or Jumper?

Jumper - A big, soft, chunky jumper with a snug polo neck is my ultimate comfort outfit. Paired with some trusty brown boots.