Tea with Navygrey Woman

Emma Bulmer

Co-founder, Edward Bulmer Paint

Emma Bulmer is the co-founder of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. An award winning natural paint company. Pioneering a sustainable change in the interior design industry. The paint industry is inextricably linked to the oil industry, their paints are made from natural, mineral earth pigments. High quality paint that doesn't cost the earth.

Emma is an extremely experienced colour consultant and has visited homes all over the country. Emma is always on a bit of a mission; be it changing the paint industry, cooking for a houseful of people, taking 50,000 shoes to the earthquake zone in Pakistan or starting a new tapestry!

We sat down over tea and toast this week at their beautiful showroom in Belgravia, London.

Emma wears the CARDIGAN in Morning Blue, the FIELD VEST in Oat and the LORTON 004/ The COLLARED CARDIGAN in Undyed Natural Ecru.

"I have now worn my FIELD VEST for five days, since I got it as it goes with everything! The perfect top layer for autumn, winter and early Spring."

Tell us a bit more about Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward, my husband has been an interior designer for over 30 years, combining colour and tonality in his designs. He used to mix his own colours using traditional materials because he could never find the right colour and he saw just how superior these paints were to dull, modern equivalents. Since 2015 Edward and I have seen the increasing demand for high quality paint. Therefore, we decided to offer a game changing product, declare all of our ingredients and create beautiful colour with proven performance backed up by ecological principles. We use only natural pigments and plant-based ingredients, so rest assured it is good for your home, you and the planet. We have spent years developing the perfect natural paint, so join us at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint and colour with a conscience - why compromise?

Many established, well known paint brands include petrochemical derived products within their paint. Damaging the environment, and also potentially damaging you. Edward Bulmer Natural paint use no micro-plastics, acrylic or fossil fuel derived ingredients. Developed with renewable gentle chemistry and a production process where paint is mixed to order. A company that is driving change, transparent and also improving our homes, one paint colour at a time.

Read more about Edward Bulmer Natural Paint here.

Get to know

Tea or Coffee?

Tea – Always English Breakfast which a splash of milk, but only in the UK, never tastes the same abroad!

Marmalade or Jam?

Sorry Marmite if indulging in toast on top of lashings of butter.

Lie in or Early Bird?

Both – I now snooze till its light in the winter and up with the lark as it gets lighter.

Book or Newspaper

Newspaper – the New European – you know where you stand and I stand in Europe.

Country or Coast?

Country – We live in ‘God’s Own’ county of Herefordshire

Summer or Winter?

Winter – I love wrapping up warm in the winter chill

Spring or Autumn?

Spring – Coming to life, hyancinth’s smelling, narrsissi and daffodils smiling, magnolia unfolding then lime trees blossoming.

Denim or Dress?

Dress – floaty & flattering.

Cardigan or Jumper?

Jumper – soft, dark polo-neck plus hand knitted tank.