Tea with Navygrey Woman

Georgia Dant

Founder, Marfa Stance

Georgia founded Marfa Stance in 2019, but the idea and concept had been in the making for years. Not only is she the founder but she designs many of the pieces too. Always choosing to design with a purpose, fusing style and function into one garment.

We sat down over tea and toast this week at their beautiful pop up shop on Ledbury Road, Notting Hill.

Georgia wears the EASY in Navy.

Tell us a bit more about Marfa Stance

Marfa Stance was founded in 2019 and is a beautiful outerwear brand, designed with functionality and style. They aim to challenge the status quo by creating pieces that are designed to be enhanced rather than replaced.

Each garment is Italian made with accessories that can be added or removed with the changes of seasons and weather - year round wearability and layering. You can add a hood, a collar, and liners. A jigsaw of elements that perfectly piece together season after season.

Marfa stands for and represents the brand's creative heart, spirit, and inspiration. Stance symbolises the ethos, values, and function behind the designs. Luxurious and functional outerwear. 

Read more about Marfa Stance here.

Get to know

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee – essential to keep me fuelled!

Marmalade or Jam?

Marmalade – nostalgic memories of my Dad always having marmalade on toast.

Lie in or Early Bird?

Lie-in – my weekend ritual after a busy week.

Book or Newspaper

Book – a chance to escape into an imaginative world.

Country or Coast?

Coast – escaping the city for the sea air and a brisk beach walk.

Summer or Winter?

Winter – best time to build and layer the full Marfa Stance look.

Spring or Autumn?

Autumn – for the colours of nature.

Denim or Dress?

Denim – I started off as a denim designer.

Cardigan or Jumper?

Jumper – cosy and easier to wear.