Six reasons we love eggs for breakfast

Six reasons we love eggs for breakfast

There's something comforting about eggs. Like pulling on your favourite jumper – we think they're the perfect way the start the day. Perhaps our love for them stems back to childhood. Maybe it's that they feel distinctively British. 

The delight of cracking open a soft boiled egg and dunking our soldiers. The comfort of buttery scrambled eggs on toast. The sticky-fingered glee of a fried egg bap.

There’s so much more to eggs than just the taste. Here are our favourite things about eggs for breakfast...

1. They’re quick

There are days when you want to savour time spent cooking. You want to let your thoughts drift as you make a roast dinner, or catch up on podcasts while you’re assembling a lasagne. Other times, you need to whip something up while the kettle is boiling. And when it comes to speediness, it’s pretty hard to beat an egg. 

2. They take thought

While they’re quick to prepare, eggs sometimes demand mindful cooking. There’s something almost meditative about spending three minutes gently stirring your scrambled eggs.3. They’re healthy

Eggs are incredibly nutritious. They’re a source of Vitamins A, D, B2 and B12, as well as all nine essential amino acids. And they’re rich in protein so keep us feeling satisfied for longer.

Eggs got a bad press for a long time due to their high levels of cholesterol. But guidance has changed in recent years, and we now know it’s the saturated fat in foods that we need to be concerned about. So you can enjoy your eggs worry-free.

4. There are so many varieties to discover

It’s unlikely you’ll find goose eggs in the supermarket (geese only lay a few eggs each year). But you may well find duck and quail eggs at your local farm shop as well as a range of chicken eggs.

Specialty breeds are becoming ever more popular. Depending on where you shop, you may now have a choice between Leghorn Whites, Old Cotswold Legbars and Burford Browns. And if you keep your own hens, there’s a whole host of breeds to choose from.

5. They’re versatile

Most people have a favourite way to cook their eggs – whether it’s lightly scrambled, whipped up with cheese in an omelette or delicately poached. Eggs are also an essential ingredient in so many of our other favourite comfort foods, from Victoria sponges to Yorkshire puddings. 

6. They deserve to be enjoyed

It’s easy to slip into the habit of eating breakfast on the run. We grab a piece of toast as we’re heading out the door, or tuck into cereal while scrolling through Instagram.

But because eggs feel like an actual meal, we’re more likely to offer them a bit of respect. So whatever your eggy breakfast of choice, do take time to savour it. After all, there are few things more hygge than curling up with a plate of perfectly cooked eggs and a mug of hot tea on a Sunday morning. Bliss.

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