In the Press: The secret formula to the perfect knitwear purchase

In the Press: The secret formula to the perfect knitwear purchase

"Just what is it you're looking for? Something short enough to wear with your high-waisted wide-legged trousers and long enough to wear with skinnies? A weighty crew neck that sits flat on the collarbone?"

Writing in Stella magazine, Lisa Armstrong talks about how when it comes to knitwear it's all about detail data - and Navygrey - she goes on to say -'exemplifies detail data.'

Talking to our Founder, Rachel Carvell-Spedding, Lisa discusses Rachel's obsession with jumpers - and how we need more obsessive specialists like this.

When it comes to knitwear, it's very personal. "What's important is to establish what works for you and hone in on the details," says Lisa. "I'm starting with the jumper because a good one can make chain-store jeans look glamorous with minimal effort. A so-so one, on the other hand, is just a waste of everyone's time. You can do better." 

Here at Navygrey, we really do obsess over every detail. To create elegant, timeless knitwear, you have to hone in on the specifics. We're tweak constantly and are really excited to share some new designs and styles this coming autumn. 

'When is a jumper not a jumper?' Lisa concludes. "When you insist on the details that makes you happy. Then it's so much more."

Read the Stella piece just here. (You'll need to be a subscriber to the Telegraph)  

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