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The importance of happy sheep

This week, Amy Powney, creative director of the brand Mother of Pearl wrote an article in Vogue entitled, 'Is my woolly jumper from a happy sheep?' 

Amy who is on a mission to make her label Mother of Pearl truly sustainable raises the very important point that while clothing labels have to state 'where' a garment is manufactured, it is not required to say from where the raw materials have come from. 

Equally, just because a garment is then made from wool that is spun in Italy, Spain or Britain, it does not mean that there is a full understanding of exactly where and from what farms that wool has originated. 


At Navygrey, we believe in transparency from source to shop. The road to such traceability has not been an easy one and it's also one of the main reasons why it takes us so long to bring each individual jumper to market. 

We work with a Mill in Italy that controls its entire supply chain. And we work with them to ensure that all the fibre lots of wool that go into our jumpers come from farms that do not practice or have ceased mulesing.

What's more, the Mill, Lanecardate works directly in partnership with SustainaWool - which promoted sustainable production of superfine wool in Australia - with an emphasis on encouraging wool being produced under natural pastoral conditions with the highest regard to the Environment and the Animal. 

Every time we order wool for our jumpers, there is a paper trail right back to the farms - so we know exactly where our wool has originated. 

To have a fully traceable supply chain like this takes time and it costs a lot more. However at Navygrey, adhering to sustainable and ethical practices like this integral to our ethos and brand. The little squiggly line even under our logo symbolises our commitment to traceability from source to shop.

As Amy concludes in her Vogue article - 'the issue of transparency is big - and one I will spend my life fighting for legislation on.'

We're right with you Amy.

Rachel - Founder, Navygrey