In the Press: That's Not My Age blog features Navygrey

Alyson Walsh, editor of That's Not My Age, explores choosing quality over quantity this winter.

In her blog Alyson writes, "When it comes to purchasing something new, I would much rather buy one fantastic item that I love and know I will wear for years."

Alyson is featured wearing The HARDY in Natural Ecru and celebrates it's design and, well, hardiness. She says, "designed for longevity, basically this knit is so chunky and durable it’s going to outlive me. Hardy by name, hardy by nature."The HARDY is limited edition, made from natural, un-dyed British wool sourced from farms in the north west of England. Alyson, originally from very near to our farms, says, "though I live over-300 miles away now, it feels wonderful to wear something made so close to home."

You can find the full blog here, or shop The HARDY in Natural Ecru here.