The HOTTIE - 100% British wool

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Introducing The HOTTIE - the ultimate warming companion. Made from 100% rustic, un-dyed Cheviot wool sourced exclusively from two farms in the British Isles, where the sheep are reared by two inspirational female shepherds, Maria in the Lake District and Sabrina in the Highlands. Knitted in England. A hot water bottle inner is included. Warming you up, naturally...

Hand wash only. Do not spin.

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Wool from two British farms

A beautiful rustic blend of Heatherlea Cheviots based in the Highlands, reared by Sabrina, a highly-qualified vet and Cheviot wool from Maria Dodgson Wood flock based in the Lake District. 

Dodgson Wood farm is a member of the Bio Best Hi-Health scheme for cattle and test their sheep for common diseases. They don’t use any fertiliser or sprays and use rotational grazing techniques to help increase biodiversity. They also graze several nature reserves for this reason. The farm only has rare and native breeds which work well for regenerative nature-friendly farming. 

Both women are passionate about wool and it is a joy to be able to knit their wool into this limited edition piece.