325 miles from sheep to sweater

325 miles from sheep to sweater

Over a year in the making. Four heirloom pieces celebrating the history and beauty of British wool. 

These are pieces with a story.

The finest micron of wool. Born, raised and made in England. 100% natural, un-dyed and fully-circular. Watch the journey of each jumper, from farm to factory:

The Journey

It all begins at a handful of farms in the north-west of England - Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. Here, flocks of beautiful Bluefaced Leicester sheep graze. 

The sheep are sheared in the summer months (we had the opportunity to visit the farm in Lancashire at shearing time) and it's from this soft, fine 100% British wool that our jumpers are made.

The Bluefaced Leicester, bred into existence in the eighteenth century, yields the finest fleeces of any British breed - a micron of 25 – which has the lustre, strength and drape you want in your knitwear.

From the farms, the wool travels to Yorkshire where it is spun into yarn using just water and organic detergents. Nothing else. From field to fibre in 150 miles.

The spinners send the yarn down to London by road, where our wonderful factory knit and hand-finish each jumper. The Jumpers

Four limited edition pieces. Each one specifically designed to have real purpose in your wardrobe.

The HAND ME DOWN - an ode to the memories, stories and experiences that frame us.

Inspired by generations before, looking forward to what is to come. The piece to bring you home. The jumper to hand down.

The HARDY - Our chunkiest knit yet. A homage to hibernation. All enveloping and cocooning. Knitted in a sumptuous 1.5 gauge, a first for this wool!

This is the jumper to weather the elements when comfort and warmth are prescribed. No coat required.Navygrey x GB. 325 miles from sheep to sweater.

The finest wool in England. From the North West, with love.

We're so pleased to share the journey - and result - with you. Shop the collection here.

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