A love letter to wool

A love letter to wool

Wool. It evokes a feeling, a familiarity. Our story began with a 25-year-old wool jumper owned by my mother, a jumper that I spent 20 years trying and failing to find. I wanted the same feeling that that jumper gave me, so I decided to recreate it.

A brilliant fibre that should be celebrated. Natural, biodegradable and far superior to man-made fibres. Making jumpers you want to wear again, and again.

From the smoothness of Lamb’s wool – shipped once a year from South Africa, spun in Scotland on the banks of Loch Leven into one of the world’s finest yarns.

To the earthy realness of British wool from Bluefaced Leicester, Masham and Cheviot sheep sourced from two mills up in Yorkshire who work directly with the farms. From fleece to fibre in just 50 miles. It’s a feeling that takes you right back.

Wool that can be traced back to well-run farms that adhere to strict animal and environmental welfare. A counter to the dominant focus on cashmere as the only soft fibre, which has very little traceability around it and a very big environmental question mark.

Navygrey started as a love letter to wool. The warmth. The comfort. Making pieces that bring that feeling back.

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