Wool Mist
Wool Mist
Wool Mist

Wool Mist

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Warming cedarwood, cinnamon and myrrh make this mist the perfect refresher for your Navygrey knitwear. The Lab Co. Wool Mist is perfectly formulated to eliminate bad odours whilst protecting the delicate fibres of your favourite jumper.

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At Navygrey we believe that the longer you go without washing your jumpers, the better they will be. But we know that sometimes our knits need a little lift. Enter the Wool Mist. 

The Wool Mist naturally freshens and deodorises, whilst being gentle on skin and gentle on knits. The Mist aids fabric preservation, helping you to love your knits for a lifetime.

Made here in the UK, the Wool Mist has been perfectly crafted, harnessing the scents of Cinnamon, for its warmth and comfort, Myrrh, for its relaxing and rejuvenating properties, and rich Cedarwood, for its natural moth repellent benefits.

This is a non-toxic formula, made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

150ml bottle.

Lay your jumper out on a flat surface. Evenly spritz both sides of the garment with the Wool Mist for fresh smelling knitwear. Go easy. Don't drench it.